At Reichel Foods, food safety has always been a top priority and an integral part of our business. We have among the highest quality standards and testing procedures in place, and we continue to raise the bar in this ever-changing industry.

We insist on using only top quality raw materials as specified in our Vendor Approval Program.  We believe it's critical to partner with our vendors to insure a clear understanding of our product quality requirements and our business.  We've implemented strict processing procedures at our facility that exceed FDA and USDA regulatory requirements, and we were among the first in the produce industry to establish a HACCP Program (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) – a system of process controls designed to prevent food safety problems. We monitor, verify and validate our quality assurance and food safety programs.  We also focus on employee training to insure strict adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices and proper safe food handling. Our employees understand how important it is to do the right thing for the right reason.  In addition, employees share great suggestions for process improvements, equipment design changes, and training opportunities. They are committed to producing safe products for customers.

Our inventory management and product traceability system allows us to track all raw materials used in every finished product, and shipment of every finished product to its destination within minutes.  Every material received is barcoded and tracked throughout the manufacturing process.  We test this system frequently to insure effectiveness.

We believe continuous improvement is absolutely necessary for success. Therefore, we conduct internal audits routinely to proactively identify improvement opportunities before a problem occurs.  These audits cover all areas of our operation to include Allergen Control, Food Defense, Document Control, Maintenance Programs, Vendor Approval, Product Identification & Traceability, and the list goes on and on! Our goal is to be audit-ready every day. 

Our facilities are SQF Certified. SQF (Safe Quality Food) provides independent certification that our food safety and quality management system complies with international and domestic food safety requirements, and assures our customers that our products have been prepared, processed, produced and handled according to the highest possible standards at all levels of the supply chain.

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